Using Behaviour Charts

Fed up with your kid’s bad behaviour? Looking for an easy way to improve their behaviour? Printable Behaviour Charts are an amazing tool which can improve your child’s behaviour overnight. And all of our Behaviour Charts for Kids are free!

What are Behaviour Charts?

Behaviour Charts track a child’s behaviour and reward positive desirable behaviour. The reward can either be a treat which the child receives when the chart is completed or when a certain number of stickers are received. For some children, the star which is pasted on the behaviour chart is enough of an incentive. The required number of stickers which need to be received in order to receive a prize is usually decided upon at the beginning of the process. The child’s age should be taken into consideration when determining this number. Kids age 3 to 5 usually can’t cope with more than 10 steps whilst older kids can usually handle around 20 steps. We have a variety of Free Behaviour Charts for Kids which can be downloaded and printed.

Why do Behaviour Charts work?

Children love to be praised and encouraged.  Positive reinforcement is the best way to encourage and maintain good behaviour.

Behaviour Charts ensure that we praise desirable behaviour which otherwise might not have been recognized.

How are Behaviour Charts Used?

  1. Show your child our collection of printable  Behaviour Charts and let him or her choose one.
  2. Download and print the behaviour chart of your child’s choice.
  3. Define “good behaviour” and discuss it with your child. Make sure that your children understand how you would like them to behave and what kind of behaviour will be rewarded with a star of sticker.
  4. When your child receives the required number of stars, acknowledge the achievement with a prize or reward.

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