New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

Setting and achieving goals is an excellent way for kids to learn responsibility. As the New Year approaches it is a perfect time to set goals with kids. Sit with your children or students and discuss possible new year resolutions. Try and enable children to choose their own goals and do not decide for them. Help […]

Good Behavior Printable Certificates

Certificates for Kids These printable award certificate templates can be awarded to kids for good behavior. There are two versions available in each color: one that can be edited and one that can not. You can type the details before you print the certificate if you use the editable version. If you use the other […]

Class Schedule

We offer a large selection of free printable class schedules. Please choose a class schedule template from the selection below and print it. Make sure that your printer is set to landscape before printing. If you don’t like the designs below then try our school schedule templates.

School Schedule

 Schedule Template Looking for a school schedule template to print? We offer a huge selection of free printable class schedules with all of your favorite characters! At the bottom of the page you will also find school schedule templates for older students. Once you have chosen a class schedule, printed it and added your classes […]

How to Survive the Summer Break

The summer vacation is an exciting time for children but a challenging time for parents.  Even those families who do not face issues with their children’s behavior during the year might suddenly encounter problems that need to be solved. Kids are together all day and often start arguing and fighting. Although children count the days […]

House Rules for Kids

Establishing House Rules It is hard to believe it but children actually need and want rules in their lives! Rules help them understand how you expect them to behave and when they are behaving as expected. When they do behave as expected it is important to reward good behavior so as to reinforce it and […]

Teacher of the Year Awards

    Teacher of the Year Award Certificates The following award certificates can be printed to let your teachers know that they are the best! There are a few different versions of these award certificate templates. If you would like to type the details before printing the certificates then you can find a version that can be […]

Dealing with younger siblings during homework time

If you find that younger siblings become more difficult during homework time they might be feeling jealous that you are spending more time with the older child. My older son has ADHD and homework can take a LONG time as a result. There were days at the beginning of first grade when I was sitting […]

Homework Solutions

How to get your kids to do homework Most kids do not want to do their homework. Some don’t do homework until you argue, nag, bribe or beg. Even then you still have to struggle to get them to do their homework. The following tips and suggestions should help you motivate them to get their […]

Homework Charts

Are you having a difficult time getting your kids to do homework? Homework time is difficult in most families since most kids do not like to do homework. There are always better things to do – watch TV, play computer games, friends, telephone and many other distractions. Some parents find themselves arguing, begging, bribing and […]