Sticker Charts for Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems Kids need to get enough sleep and so do we. When kids encounter problems falling asleep and staying asleep then both the kids and their parents suffer. The following free printable star charts can be used specifically for sleep issues. I personally have a lot more patience with my kids when I know that from […]

Sleep Certificates to Solve Sleep Problems

If your kids go to bed when asked or stay in bed all night (depending on the relevant sleep issue) then award them with one of our free printable Sleep Certificates. Rewarding good behavior is one of the best behavior modification methods.   More award certificate templates  

Sleep Problems

Sleep Issues Many parents deal with sleep issues on a day to day basis. This includes children who will not go to bed and others who go to bed but do not stay in bed all night. They either call their parents in the middle of the night or just get up and crawl into […]

Tooth Fairy Certificate

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate The following Tooth Fairy Certificates can be downloaded and printed free of charge. You can even personalize each certificate!   The following tooth fairy certificates open in PDF format. If you cannot open a PDF file you can download Adobe Reader here. Tooth Fairy Certificate (PDF) Pink Certificate from the […]