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Free Classroom Posters (Printable and Customizable)

Choose a poster template from the selection below and either use as is or change the text.

Classroom Poster

classroon rules

Free printable classroom poster. A good student is special.

Star of the Week Posters

star of the week posterThree different posters that can all be customized online.

Posters for Classrooms

that can be Customized

All text of these posters can be changed so you can create a classroom rules poster, music classroom posters, etc.

Classroom Rules Poster

You can change all of the text on this poster to include your class rules. You can also add additional classroom rules.

classroom rules poster customize

You can change the class rules but if you don’t change them then they will appear as follows:

  1. Listen to the teacher; 2. Stay in your seat; 3. Do not disturb others; 4. Respect others; 5. Hands to yourself.


Printable poster for your classroom or home customize

“Make an effort not an excuse” but the text can be changed.

free classroom posters  customize

“Yes you can” but the text can be changed.

poster for classroom  customize

“No bullying allowed” but the text can be changed.

poster that reads "no bullying allowed" but the text can be customzied  customize

“No bullying allowed” but the text can be changed.

classroom poster  customize

“Treat others the way you want to be treated” but the text can be changed.

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