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Responsibility Chart for Kids

Teaching your children to be independent and responsible when growing up is one of the most important tools that you can give them as a parent or caregiver. A responsibility chart for kids can make the process fun and rewarding and your children will be more motivated and inspired.


Responsibility Chart for Kids
Look at me I am growing up – Growing up chart
Responsibility Chart
Credit Chart for Girls 7yrs+
Magnetic Responsibility Chart
Credit Chart for Boys 7yrs+
Magnetic Reward Charts
Magnetic Responsibility Chart
melissa and doug responsibility chart
Magnetic Responsibility Charts

Some children strive to become independent and want to try do things for themselves even before they are physically able to do so. Other children, prefer to have everything and anything done for them. One of the ways to get your kids to become more responsible and independent is with the help of a responsibility chart for kids who need an incentive in order to motivate them to do things for themselves. Each time your child does something for herself she gets a sticker on her sticker chart.

Should you provide an incentive to encourage your child to be more independent?

Some people believe that children should be more independent without receiving any incentives. You obviously will not reward your child for putting her shoes on by herself when she is 12 but when kids are younger and need to get used to little tasks an incentive can be helpful. They encourage your child to get used to putting her shoes on until it just becomes natural and she becomes more proficient. An incentive can be provided in the short term but it will ensure that she becomes more independent in the long terms without any incentives.


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    Hi, I am looking for a chart for teeth brushing,am and pm. Anychance you could help, or direct me to the personalized charts on your website.
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