Routine charts to help kids get ready in the morning

brush teethGetting kids ready in the morning can be quite challenging to put it mildly. When kids sense that you are in a hurry they seem to start moving in slow motion. You need to get them to school or day care on time but there are many things that need to be done before then such as eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, making beds and doing whatever you have to do in the morning. These reward charts will help you encourage them to get everything done as quickly as possible. Before you start the process decide on the list of things that you would like them to do in the morning. Discuss your expectations with your child and write the chore list on your reward chart. We also offer reward charts for young kids who can’t read. There are pictures for each chore that needs to be done to help them remember. Each day that your child does each of the chores or tasks for that morning you stick a sticker on that day. Decide ahead of time what the reward will be. It can be a small toy, a visit to their favorite park, an outing to the zoo or anything that you decide on together. Some children are happy to receive stickers and don’t even ask for a reward. You can either decide that your child needs to receive a certain number of stickers over the 2 week period in order to get the reward or make the reward smaller if the child does not get all of the stickers. For e.g. in order to get your full allowance you need 10 stickers. If you get 60% of the stickers you get 60% of the allowance. There are many ways to decide on a reward system. Find one that works for you and your kids.

After a while getting ready in the morning becomes habit and you won’t even need reward charts to make it happen!


  1. jay-lynn says:

    i need to now can i get a chart with stuff to help one of my family mebers to get redy for school im in 4th grade

  2. Any of the charts can be used for the 4th grade but if you want something specific you can let me know via this form and I will try to make it. We also have a personal reward chart maker. You could put use photos of your child getting ready and take a photo of each stage.

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