Custom Playing Cards

Free Personalized Playing Cards Each of the custom playing cards in this deck of cards can be personalized with your own photo. You can either personalize each card or just a selection of cards. They only take a few seconds to customize.  Once you have uploaded a photo to each card you can print on cardstock […]

School Labels

Free customizable and printable kids school labels for teachers, parents, and students. Use them on notebooks, drawers, boxes, stationery, to label school supplies, etc. You can customize all of the text. 24 designs available. Click on the labels to type in your text (name, subject, class or any text that you want to appear on […]

Frozen Family Rules Sign

This is a family rules sign with a Frozen theme. The poster has 10 family rules but they are totally customizable. You can use it as is or edit as you wish. You might want to keep some of the family rules and change others. All you do is click on the house rule that […]

Frozen Reward Charts (Customizable)

The following Frozen Reward Charts can be customized with your own photos and text. If you don’t want to customize the charts then you might prefer to use our Frozen movie behavior charts which are ready to be printed. These custom charts take only a few minutes or less to prepare and are worth the effort […]

Chore Charts with Cute Animals

Free printable chore charts that can be personalized. Choose a chore chart and then add your own chore list and your child’s name before you print it. You can make a new chore chart for each child. There is no limit! Please note that these charts can only be downloaded as a PDF file and not […]

Good Job Stickers & Printables

Looking for a fun way to let your students know that they have done a good job? The following Good Job sticker printables can be used by teachers and parents to reward and encourage students and children. You might also want to check out 100 ways to say good job! Some of these free printables are […]

“Great Job” Printables

Free printables, awards and certificates that let students know that they have done a “great job!”. These printable can be used by teachers at school or by parents at home to reward and encourage kids. Printable Stickers These printable stickers are perfect to let students know that they have done a great job! You can print […]

100 Ways to Say Good Job

Are you looking for another way to say good job? We have 100 different ways to say good job for you!   A significant contribution Absolutely Perfect! All Right! Amazing Best yet. Better than ever! Bravo Brilliant Congratulations! It’s perfect! You got it right. Cool Exactly right. Exactly! Excellent! Exceptional Fabulous! Fantastic! First class First […]

Piano Practice Chart

Music practice chart Most music teachers recommend that students practice on a regular basis and some even request that their students practice every day. As in most aspects of life, practice makes perfect. Often, this is easier said than done. How do you get your children to practice when they have so many things that they […]

Age Appropriate Chores

This list of age appropriate chores will give you an idea which chores your child should be capable of doing. We are not suggesting that they do all chores on the list but rather that you select from this age-appropriate chore list. Suggested Age Appropriate Chore List for Kids Ages 2, 3 & 4 Put toys […]