Tooth Fairy Letter

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letters An official letter to the tooth fairy written on an old scroll. A tooth fairy note This tooth fairy letter enables you to mark the tooth that fell out which is helpful if you plan on keeping the letter as a reminder. These door hangers can be hung on your […]

Minecraft Behavior Charts

Printable Behavior Charts Free printable Minecraft behavior charts which can be used for various purposes by parents or teachers. I’ve received a few requests for a Minecraft reward chart recently so I finally got around to making some for you. These templates can be used as behavior charts, potty charts or chore charts. There is space to add […]

Reading Rewards

Free Printable Reading Rewards Free printable reading awards to make reading fun and rewarding. Your children or students will suddenly become book worms! Reading Logs These printable reading logs will help you keep track of the number of books that your student or child’s reads.   Reading Awards for Kids The following reading awards can be […]

10 Ways to Relieve Stress

Parenting is very stressful. Rewarding but stressful. As if raising our children is not stressful enough we usually burdened with additional concerns such as – work, mortgage, running our homes, etc. There is never enough time in the day. Most of us don’t even realize what the stress is doing to our bodies. Here are […]

Feelings Chart

        Free Printable Feelings Charts Emotion Chart from A to Z This emotion chart includes a list of feelings from a to z with feeling faces for each emotion. Its perfect to hang in a classroom or at home. Printable List of Feelings This feelings list can be printed and used by kids (and […]

Routine Charts

Kids need routines and structure. Knowing what they are going to do every day gives them a sense of security. Kids are constantly being been bombarded by a barrage of challenges, from learning to be more independent to mastery various skills that are required as they grow and become more independent. When a child’s routine […]

Pirate Charts

A selection of free printable behavior charts with a pirate theme. Sticker Charts These sticker charts target specific behaviors. Chore Charts Add a chore list and mark chores once they are complete using this chore tracking chart with a pirate theme. Potty Chart This potty training chart can be used to motivate kids during […]

Frozen Sticker Charts

Most of the following Frozen behavior charts can be customized with your child’s name, photo, weekly goals or prize for completing the sticker chart. Either print the charts as is or personalize them before your print. 10 step behavior chart 15 step sticker chart 15 step Frozen behavior chart Weekly Behavior Charts Frozen Reward Chart […]

Classroom Management

Free Classroom Management Printables Free classroom management printables and a classroom rewards which can be used by teachers to reward and motivate students for a job well done! Studies have shown that positive incentives can be extremely effective in bringing about changes in classroom behavior. Negative comments and punishment can turn students off to any […]

Cinderella Charts

Free Printable Behavior Charts Katie asked us to prepare some Cinderella charts and we were happy to help. The following behavior charts are generic and can be used for multiple purposes: as chore charts, reward charts, potty training charts or sticker charts. Some of them can be edited which will enable you to type a chore […]