Discover and develop your child’s talent

This is day 8 of our 18 day positive parenting course Every child has a special talent. Our job, as parents, is to discover, nurture and develop it. Every child has a special talent. Something she is really good at. It could be sports, drawing, music, chess, singing, etc. In order to discover her talent you have to expose […]

Personalized Reward Charts for Girls

Reward Charts These free printable reward charts can be personalized with your own photo and personal message. Follow the steps and our reward chart maker will guide you through the process. To make these custom reward charts you will need a photo of the child of any other photo that you would like to add […]

Spending Quality Time with your Kids

Your kids are the most precious things in your life but do you let them know that? This is day 13 of the 18 day positive parenting course Give each child your full attention on a regular basis Set aside some time to give each child your full attention. This is particularly important when a […]

How to stop yelling at your kids

This is day 12 of our 18 day positive parenting course Yelling is a habit. If you are a yeller then chances are one of your parents was a yeller too. For some of us yelling comes naturally and we don’t even give it much thought. Have you ever tried talking softer rather than louder? […]

How to be a better parent in 18 days – Day 4

This is day 4 of the series: How to be a better parent in 18 days. Not signed up yet? Day 4: Give your child a physical sign of affection. Do this every single day at least once a day. A hug, kiss or even a pat on the back can help your kids understand just […]

Dora Chore Charts

Free Printable Chore Chart If your kid likes Dora then this chore chart template might help her get her chores done! Add a chore list including a few age appropriate chores to your chore chart. Mark them off once complete. Dora Coloring Chart Your child can color the picture of Dora and the title “Chore chart” on […]

Smurf Chore Chart

Free Printable Chore Charts Who doesn’t love the Smurfs! Choose a Smurf chore chart template for your kids and print it for free. Each chore chart can be personalized with your child’s name and chore list. Either click on the picture of the chore chart to print it as is or click on “customize” to personalize the […]

Chore Charts with Garfield

Free Printable Chore Charts There are five different Garfield chore charts on this page and most of them can be customized. Choose one (or more) and print as is or click on “customize” to add your child’s name and chore list before you print the chart. This Garfield chore chart template is orange with a yellow […]

Good Behavior Printable Certificates

These printable award certificate templates can be awarded to kids for good behavior. There are two versions available in each color: one that has a photo of the child and one without a photo. You can type the details before you print the certificate. Both versions are free. Certificates for Kids Select a Certificate of […]

Angry Birds Behavior Charts

Behavior Charts If your kids like the Angry Birds then they will love these Angry Birds behavior charts. You can print a weekly version or a 10 step version. Weekly Printable Angry Birds Behavior Chart Description: Weekly Angry Birds behavior chart with a five day week (from Monday to Friday). Weekly Angry Bird Behavior Sticker Chart […]