13 Ways to get your kids to do their homework

Homework Solutions How to get your kids to do their homework without begging or bribing Use a homework chart to keep track of your child’s homework. This chart will enable both children and parents to keep track of what needs to be done. You can then check that your child has done his homework without having to […]

When to start potty training

It is very important to determine when to start potty training since your child needs to be ready both physically and emotionally. Starting before your child has developed the necessary physical and cognitive skills will only prolong the process and frustrate both you and your child. Let your child set the pace and only start […]

9 ways that chores will benefit your child

Chores for Kids Are you concerned that chores are not good for kids? Here are at least 9 ways that chores will actually benefit your child! 1) Your child will become more responsible. If a child is never given any responsibility he will not become responsible. It is as simple as that. 2) Doing family […]

10 Ways to Get your Child to Sleep in her Bed

How to Get your Child to Sleep in her Bed Establish a regular night time routine. For example, dinner, shower, brush teeth, story time and then get into bed. This will signal to your child that bedtime is approaching and enable her to come to terms with the idea. Print a bedtime routine chart which will […]

8 Ways to get your child to look after his teeth

How to get your child to look after his teeth Put a chore chart for brushing teeth in the bathroom and get your child to mark it each time he brushes his teeth. You will be surprised how many times they “forget”. Print one of the following reward charts to get your kids to brush their […]

10 ways to get your kids to do chores

How to get your kids to do chores for kids 1) Determine which chores you expect your child to do and make sure that she is capable of doing those chores and actually knows how to do them. Sometimes it is worth it to do the chores together with your child in the beginning until […]

9 Ways to Get Kids Hooked on Books

How to get your kids to read 9 ways to get children to read 9 fun and original ways to get your kids to read and have fun while doing so! 1. Find fun activities related to books. Let your child write the end of the story. Once your child has read the beginning of […]

Certificates for the First Day of School

We offer printable certificate templates for the first day of school for both parents and teachers. For Teachers This certificate template can be totally customized. You can edit the name and grade and all other text as well. For Parents You don’t want to forget your child’s first day of school. These printable certificate templates […]

How to be your child’s role model

Day 17 of the Positive Parenting Course Be a Role Model Kids notice and hear everything (unless you ask them to do something of course). Have you ever noticed how you can ask your child to do something and he won’t hear but if you talk quietly to your spouse about something you prefer them […]

Encourage your child to be independent

How to be a better parent in 18 days – Day 16 Encourage your child to be independent Don’t do things for your child that he can and should do for himself. Encourage responsibility by insisting that she tidies her own room, puts her plate in the sink or even washes her own dishes. Ask […]