Cinderella Charts

Free Printable Behavior Charts Katie asked us to prepare some Cinderella charts and we were happy to help. The following behavior charts are generic and can be used for multiple purposes: as chore charts, reward charts, potty training charts or sticker charts. Some of them can be edited which will enable you to type a chore […]

Animal Reward Charts

Animal Behavior Charts and Reward Charts The following reward charts and behavior charts have different animals and come in different formats (10 steps and weekly sticker charts) 10 Step Sticker Charts Weekly Sticker Charts From Sunday to Saturday From Monday to Sunday The weekly charts above can be used as chore charts as well. Write […]

Lego Charts

On this page you will find 12 different Lego reward charts, behavior charts, potty training charts and chore charts. They can all be customized so you can add your own text and customize it to suit your needs. We received a request from Kimberly to create a Lego reward chart for her son who loves […]

Easter Charts

A selection of free printable reward charts, behavior charts and potty charts with an Easter theme. Easter Reward Charts Weekly reward chart This is a 10 step reward chart / behavior chart / sticker chart. It can be used to target a single behavior. This is a 20 step behavior chart which can be used […]

Curious George Charts

Curious George Charts A selection of reward charts, behavior charts and chore charts with Curious George.

The Trash Pack Reward Charts

Reward Charts Free printable reward charts with the Trash Pack. There are sticker charts to target specific behaviors, weekly sticker charts, a homework chart and a reward chart to get your kids to tidy their room. You will find many tips on how to use reward charts on this site. 10 Step Reward Charts with […]

BMX Charts

BMX Reward, Chore and Behavior Charts These charts were requested by Kristy for her son who like BMX bikes. If there are any reward charts that you would like us to make for you then please leave a comment. 10 Stage BMX Chart Can be used as a behavior chart, chore chart, reward chart or […]

Music Sticker Charts

Printable Reward Charts Music Theme These reward charts can be used for kids who love music or to encourage children to practice music.   Piano Practice Chart

Racing Car Sticker Charts

Behavior Charts and Reward Charts with Racing Cars Move the racing car along the tracks until you reach the finish line! We received a request from Catherine to create racing car reward charts and loved the idea! There are 2 ways to use these sticker charts: 1) You can mark each milestone with a sticker or […]

Personalized Reward Charts for Boys

Custom Behavior Charts These free printable behavior charts can be personalized with your child’s name and photo. You can also add a note to the reward chart with some words of encouragement or a reminder of what you expect your child to do in order to receive a sticker on his behavior chart. Just type in your […]