Popeye Reward Charts

Reward Charts Free printable Popeye Reward Charts for Popeye fans. Popeye Reward Chart 10 Step chart to target specific issues Popeye Reward Charts 15 Step chart Weekly Reward Charts    

Lazy Town Reward Charts

Lazy Town Reward Charts There are two different reward charts on this page: a weekly reward chart and a 10 step reward chart. Lazy Town Reward Chart with Sportacus Printable Reward Chart with Sportacus from Lazy Town More Reward Charts

Spiderman Reward Charts

Superhero Behavior Chart Free printable Spiderman Behavior Charts and Reward Charts for Spider-Man fans! Since the behavior charts are customizable you can add your own title and change the days of the week if you don’t want the week to start on Sunday. You can also add a list of tasks or chores for your child. […]

SpongeBob Reward Chart

Free printable SpongeBob Reward Charts for children.  

Peter Pan Reward Charts

Free printable Peter Pan Reward Charts for kids. file:///D:/behavior%20charts%20for%20kids/Upload/Peppa%20Pig%20behavior%20charts/

Transformers Reward Chart

More Reward Charts

Smurf Reward Charts

A large selection of free printable Smurf Reward Charts for children. This is an 18 step reward chart. Mark a square each time your child behaves well or does something that you think deserves a reward. This is a weekly reward chart from Monday to Sunday. This is a weekly reward chart with the title […]

Harry Potter Reward Chart

The following Harry Potter behavior charts / reward charts have either 10 or 20 steps. They are generic charts and have no title so they can be used for any purpose such as helping kids who wet their bed, getting children to do their homework on time or reward children for doing sport (for those […]

Toy Story Reward Charts

Free printable Toy Story Reward Charts for kids The following reward charts / sticker charts star the Toy Story characters: Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie. 14 Step Toy Story Reward Chart 15 Step Toy Story Reward Chart  

Indian Reward Chart

The following reward charts are black and white and can be colored and/or decorated by your kids prior to use.