Chore Charts with Garfield

Garfield Chore Chart TemplatesFree Printable Chore Charts

There are five different Garfield chore charts on this page and most of them can be customized. Choose one (or more) and print as is or click on “customize” to add your child’s name and chore list before you print the chart.

Chore Chart

This Garfield chore chart template is orange with a yellow border. There is a weekly chart on which you can add your kid’s chore list and mark each chore once completed.

Free printable chore chart

This chore chart has a cute picture of Garfield and a yellow frame. It is also a weekly chore chart.


This chore chart has a black and white weekly table with a yellow frame.

Chore Chart with Garfield

This chore chart can be colored. It is also cheaper to print.

Black and white with a picture of Garfield that can be colored

There are many more free printable chore charts on this site.

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