Chore Charts with Cute Animals

This is a cute kids chore chart that is available in 6 different designs. All of these free printable chore charts can be personalized. Choose a chore chart and then add your own chore list and your child’s name before you print it. You can make a new chore chart for each child. There is no limit!

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Kids chore chart
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Kids chore chart
Printable chore chart that can be personalized
Sticker chart
chore chart for kids

Please note that these kids chore charts can only be downloaded as a PDF file and not an image file. Please click on the page icon  and not on the cloud icon  to download.

Tip: You can have the chart laminated if you want it to last longer. You can use a marker that can be wiped off when the chart is complete.

How to Make Multiple Kids Chores Chart

Change the title so that it lists each child or the family name. On each line, add a name instead of a chore. The chart will then track one chore per kid.

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