Magnetic Chore Chart

Magnetic Chore Charts for Kids

chore chart template for childrenMany different companies (such as Avery) sell packs of magnetic sheets that you can print on from the comfort of your home.

Choose any chore chart from this site and print it on a magnetic sheet. You can then use it over and over again!

It is a perfect solution for the full color chore charts on this site since you won’t need to print them more than once!


Pros of a magnetic chore chart

  • The advantage of magnetic chore charts for kids is that they can be used over and over again. When using a chore chart for kids consistency is the key. When you have to keep printing chore charts you often stop using them and they are less effective when you are not consistent.
  • A magnetic chore chart is also more flexible. You can easily swap chores with other family members by moving the chore around on the chore chart.
  • Magnetic chore charts can often be used for the entire family.
  • They are often kept on the fridge or somewhere where they can be found easily. Printable chore charts are often lost.

Cons of a magnetic chore chart

  • Printable chore charts waste paper since you often have to print new charts unless you laminate one of the free printable chore charts offered on this site.
  • They cost money unlike the printable chore charts that are free (on this site at least – some sites charge for them).
  • The variety of chore charts is not as extensive as the printable ones.



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