Ninjago Chore Charts

Free Printable Chore Charts

Two different chore charts with Ninjago characters – a 10 step chart and a weekly chore chart template. Choose the chart of your choice and print! We also have other free printable chore charts on this site such as Lego chore charts.

Each time your child completes his chores mark the chore chart with a sticker or marker. When he completes a certain number of chore charts you might agree to buy him Ninjago! Even if you don’t promise him Ninjago the chore chart will hopefully help motivate him to get his chores done!

Weekly Ninjago Chore Chart – starting on Sunday

Ninjago chore chart template

Weekly Ninjago Chore Chart – starting on Monday

Free printable Chore charts with Ninjagos

10 step Ninjago Chore Charts

Ninjago sticker chart


Most children don’t enjoy chores. Initially, they often enjoy them because it makes them feel independent and grown-up. Eventually, the excitement wears off and they lose interest in the chores. Suddenly it isn’t fun anymore. Being asked to unpack the dishwasher or fold the laundry just seems like a big waste of time. He has friends to meet and games to play and the chores just seem to get in the way of more important things. Persuading your child to do his chores isn’t always an easy task. Most parents don’t need their kids help. It often takes more time to persuade them to do their chores than it would to just do them by ourselves. On the other hand there is something character building about contributing to your family and your home. Children are part of a family and each family member has to do his part. Eventually your child’s contribution will actually make a difference to you to and you will find that his help is appreciated and useful. It will be worth the effort – both for him and for you!

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