Peppa Pig Reward Charts

Printable Reward ChartThe following Peppa Pig Reward Charts will be sure to encourage and motivate Peppa Pig fans! All charts can now be personalised.

The different charts include different numbers of steps from 10 to 20. Moreover, you will find a Peppa Pig reward chart, sticker chart, chore chart, potty training chart, behaviour chart and other charts for kids.

Read the tips on using reward charts on this site in order to get the most out of them and ensure that the process is successful.

Reward Chart Template

10 steps

Printable Reward Charts   customise

Peppa Pig Reward Charts  customise

20 steps

Printable Reward Chart  customise

13 steps

reward charts  customise

20 steps

Peppa Pig Reward Chart  customise

Sticker Chart

There is a lot of white space that you can use to add text such as a list of goals for your child. Click on customise and then on the “add text” button to add text to the chart.

Sticker Chart  customise

Behaviour Chart

Behaviour chart  customise

Chore Chart

You can add a chore list by clicking on “add text”.

Printable chore chart  customise

Potty Chart

Each time your child goes to the potty or wakes up dry give her a sticker on this sticker chart.

potty chart  customise

Peppa Pig Reward Chart

reward chart  customise

If you want to type the list of goals or chores then just click on “add text” and type the text that you want to appear on your chart. You can move it around until you are happy with the placement. You can also make it larger or smaller by dragging the arrows in the bottom right corner.

Behavior Charts with Photos

We also offer 5 free Peppa Pig charts with your child’s photo. The titles and all text can be customised so they can be used for any purpose. Replace the text with goals or chores.

potty chart


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