Peppa Pig Potty Training Charts

Free printable Peppa Pig potty training charts with your child’s photo and name. Fully customisable. Free instant download!

All of the following potty charts include photos of your child. If you prefer to create a Peppa Pig potty chart without a photo then try these potty charts. You can edit all text so feel free to make any changes that you want. Don’t forget to add your child’s name before you print! You can also change the text and use these charts for other purposes such as reward charts or chore charts.

potty chart

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potty training chart

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This chart can be used for various purposes. For example, you can give your child a sticker each day she wakes up with a dry nappy, doesn’t wet her bed or goes on the potty. The title is editable so you can change it to suit your needs.


potty training

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sticker chart

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Peppa Pig printable

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  1. Leigh-Anne Lloyd says:

    struggling to find the link to customize and download?

  2. The buttons have been changed and are now easier to find.

  3. Elisabeth Godkin says:

    I cannot find a link to customise the chart for my grandchild. Please help.

  4. Click on the light blue button under each chart.

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