How to be a better parent in 18 days – Day 11

Day 11 – Do everything in moderation

Have you ever noticed how many parents choose one or two things that they feel they were deprived of as a child and take them to the other extreme with their kids. For example, a parent who had no money as a child and never received enough toys will buy his kids whatever they want. A parent who feels she never received enough physical attention might smother her kids with hugs and kisses. A parent who had a really strict curfew might allow his kids to go out until too late at night. A parent who didn’t get an education might push their child too hard to succeed at school. Does this sound familiar? If you recognize something that you might not do in moderation as a result of your upbringing give it some thought and decide if you want to change this.

This is a good topic to discuss with your spouse, close friend or sibling. We are often not even aware of these issues even though sometimes someone else sees them really clearly.

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