Spending Quality Time with your Kids

Positive parentingYour kids are the most precious things in your life but do you let them know that?

This is day 13 of the 18 day positive parenting course

Give each child your full attention on a regular basis

Set aside some time to give each child your full attention. This is particularly important when a child has younger siblings. Read a book together, play a game, have a discussion, cook a meal, play sports, go out together, etc. The possibilities are endless. Find something that you both enjoy doing and do it together.

Try to divide your time equally among your children if possible. Sometimes younger children require so much time and energy we tend to “neglect” the older kids who can get by on their own. In time, this causes feelings of resentment and jealousy. Just because he can dress and feed himself doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need your attention. You can do homework with older children, take them to the library, museum or park. Sometimes they seem so big and independent we forget that they need us just as much. Their needs are just a little different.

Don’t compare your children to others, particularly siblings. Each child is unique and should be. It is OK to be different. Each child has their own capabilities, talents, qualities, interests and dreams.

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  1. Thanks for the parenting course. I always knew that I should do this but somehow didn’t get around to doing it. I made an effort to give my kids my full attention this week and I was surprised how much they enjoyed it (and so did I 🙂 ). Somehow life gets in the way sometimes and we don’t even realize it!

  2. Thanks for sharing Tammi. Yes, life does get in the way sometimes and we sometimes lose track of the important things in life while trying to juggle and to get everything done. It isn’t always easy but it is worth the effort!

  3. I love this parenting course iv learnd so much on how to be a better parent .

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