How to get your kids to do their homework

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Tips and tools to help you get your kids to do their homework

Be involved with Homework and School

Set ground rules about homework and make sure that they are clear. For example, homework should be done before the TV is turned on, kids cannot invite friends or go out until they complete their homework, etc.

Some people prefer their kids to do homework as they get home and others feel that they need a little rest first. You should establish the house rules according to what you feel will work for your child and your family.

Explain the consequences of not following these rules and make sure that you enforce them every day.  Be consistent. Enforce the same rules every day and resist your child’s attempt to persuade you to make exceptions.

Be involved. Some kids always claim that they never have homework when they actually do. They are not even necessarily lying but they either forget or they are not even listening to your question. Check their homework on a regular basis if you need to or occasionally if not. Help them with their homework but never do it for them. Give them the tools that they need not the answers.

how to get kids to do homework

Ask to see school assignments before they hand them in and after they are returned.

Sometime kids fall slightly behind and if we are not on top of it the small gap can turn into a huge one. Help them keep up and give them any help that they might need to do so.

Be on top of things. Talk with your child’s teachers about his academic and social progress. On the other hand, don’t rely only on teachers. Many teachers do an excellent job but they have many students in their class and they can’t track each student. Students who behave well often receive less attention than those that misbehave. These students can fall between the cracks and it will not always be noticed until it is too late.

Enable your child to discover and develop her own unique learning style. Every child has her own style. What works for one child won’t work for another. Be flexible and believe in your child. Tell and show her that you believe in her. If she thinks that you don’t believe in her she won’t believe in herself.

Try to encourage a love of learning even though it is not always easy. Clearly explain the importance of school. Limit time in front of the TV and computer and encourage your kids to read.

Be involved and proactive in getting to know your child’s friends and the kids that she hangs out with. Get to know their parents too. Peer pressure is very powerful. Make sure that he has the tools to make the correct decisions in real time.


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