Encourage your child to be independent

How to be a better parent in 18 days – Day 16

Encourage your child to be independent

Don’t do things for your child that he can and should do for himself. Encourage responsibility by insisting that she tidies her own room, puts her plate in the sink or even washes her own dishes. Ask your child to do certain tasks and give her more responsibility as she grows.

Make a list of all chores that need to be done. Divide them up taking into account the amount of spare time each person has and the chores that they are capable of doing.  Involve your kids during this process and ask each child to choose between chores. For example, offer a choice between taking out the garbage or setting the table.

Prepare a chore list for each child. You will find tens of free printable chore charts on this site.  Choose one for each family member (or use a family chore chart) and add each person’s chore list. Each time the chores are completed you can mark the chart.

You can either give a reward for completing chores (such as an allowance, privilege or prize) or a consequence if chores are not completed.

make your child more independent

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