How to be your child’s role model

Day 17 of the Positive Parenting Course

Be a Role Model

Kids notice and hear everything (unless you ask them to do something of course). Have you ever noticed how you can ask your child to do something and he won’t hear but if you talk quietly to your spouse about something you prefer them not to hear they hear every word? Its called selective hearing. It’s similar to men’s hearing at night. They can’t hear the baby crying but can hear anything else. OK, I won’t go there…

To get back to the point, kids notice everything we do and say which is why we need to be a role model. Be careful about what you do and say around them and make sure that you are setting a good example. You can model thoughtfulness, respect, manners, values or any other behavior that you want them to adopt.

If you want to teach your kids about helping others they need to see you doing it too. Why not find a cause you all believe in and volunteer as a family.

If you want your kids to tidy up after them you have to do so too.

If you want your kids to read more they have to see you reading too. Why not take the family to the library and let everyone choose a book. Show your kids that you read too. If you used to read when you were a kid and don’t have time anymore or if you read late at night your kids don’t see you. Make sure that you read when they are watching you.

If you don’t want your children to eat junk food do they still see you eating junk food?

Think about something that bothers you about your child. How do you react in similar situations? Make an effort to ensure that you live by the rules that you set your kids.

be a role model for your kids

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