How to be a better parent in 18 days – Day 18

Day 18: Encourage your kids to read

Start to read to your kids early and encourage them to read as much as they can. Limit lime in front of the TV and computer and encourage your kids to read instead.

Make reading fun and find books that your child will enjoy. If your child hates reading then try books about their interests or even books with jokes. Some kids find it really difficult to read and if the book isn’t short and interesting they won’t read it. Its better to read jokes than to not read at all. If your kids need to be encouraged to read then try using our free reading charts. Decide how many books or stories your child needs to read in order to get a reward or privilege. Each time your child completes a book mark it on the book chart.

reading - get kids to read moreWe would all prefer that our kids read because they love reading but unfortunately some kids need more persuasion than others.

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