How to adopt a healthy lifestyle for your kids

This is day 7 of the series: How to be a better parent in 18 days.

Day 7: Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Kids need good nutrition and exercise. No, WII is not considered exercise (although there are certain games that can give you a good workout). Encourage your kids to play outdoors, exercise and/or find a sport that they enjoy.

Exercise is really important for you too so why not find an activity that you and your kids all enjoy and you can do it together. Ride bikes together, play basketball, go hiking or even skating. Find something that you all enjoy doing and then you will actually have fun as a family too!

healthy lifestyle for family and kids

Buy lots of fruit and vegetables and make sure that your kids eat five a day. There are 5 a day charts on reward charts 4 kids that will help you keep track. Serve vegetables with every meal and encourage them to eat fruit instead of candy. Make small changes gradually so that they can get used to them slowly and do not resist. Don’t force them to change their habits if they resist. Give them a choice between two or three healthy options. Make sure that there are healthy options available and don’t keep too much junk food around the house. If they want a snack they will have a healthy alternative. There are many snacks that are both healthy and tasty. Make sure that they are available. You can also make your own snacks and substitute some of the ingredients with healthier alternatives. My kids love chocolate chip muffins. I make them with whole wheat flour and bran and they can’t taste the difference. I still add the chocolate chips because when I don’t they won’t eat them. You can make a huge batch of bran muffins with chocolate chips and freeze them. That way they always have a healthy snack available (and so do you!).

The eating habits that kids acquire when they are young are the habits they will continue to have. Be a role model. If you don’t do any sport, eat too much junk food and don’t eat vegetables then don’t expect your child to develop healthy habits either.

Don’t smoke or let others smoke near your children. Second-hand smoke has been linked to many respiratory ailments in children.

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