Discover and develop your child’s talent

Find a childs talentThis is day 8 of our 18 day positive parenting course

Every child has a special talent. Our job, as parents, is to discover, nurture and develop it.

Every child has a special talent. Something she is really good at. It could be sports, drawing, music, chess, singing, etc. In order to discover her talent you have to expose her to a wide range of interests and activities. She will be drawn to activities that she enjoys.

Watch her carefully and discover the activities that she excels in. Sometimes a teacher even points out that your child shows excellence in a particular subject or activity. Talents are often not even visible until a child is older so keep track and observe.

You can’t develop every interest and activity that you child enjoys so choose one or two. Make sure that they are activities that your child is really good at or really enjoys and not only an interest that you want her to pursue.

Once you discover your child’s talent help him develop it. Send him for lessons, teach him yourself or encourage him to develop the talent on his own. Buy him the required equipment or supplies to pursue this talent.

help your child find his talent

Often a child’s interests change as he grows and he later wants to quit the activity. If he is genuinely not interested in the activity then don’t force him to continue but if he wants to quit because it is getting difficult try to persuade him to persevere. If your child learns to give up as soon as things get difficult she will never learn how to overcome the obstacles in life. Help your children develop perseverance, a positive attitude and a drive to overcome frustration and face challenges. Help them discover and reach their true potential.

Developing a talent teaches a child that they can master something if they put their mind to it. It helps improve their self image and boosts their self confidence. It instills a desire to pursue their dreams and shows then that hard work pays eventually. They learn to deal with frustration and obstacles. Studies have shown that kids that excel at something are more focused and less likely to use drugs in the future.

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