Special Requests for Reward Charts

Are you looking for a specific reward chart that you did not find on this site?

Send a comment using the form below and I will try and make it for you (free of charge).


  1. I have been looking for reward charts and certificates for childrens bedtime routines and for children that will not stay in their own bed, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I have added some tools which I hope will help.


    I am hoping to add some more next week.

    Please let me know if you need anything else.

  3. hi looking for a reward chart for when children take medicine am and pm for a boy

  4. What would you like it to say on the reward chart?

  5. zahra Taherali says:

    Hi am looking for reward chart and certificate to help decipline my son with shouting and listening …………i would appreciate any more ideas on this issue ………….

  6. We should have a good solution within a week. I will update you when it is ready! In the meantime you can use any of the reward charts on this site and give your son a sticker each time he listens and goes for some time without shouting. In the beginning you might need to give it for shorter periods of time and when he sees that he is being rewarded he will stop shouting and then you will need to give him stickers less frequently. Try to choose a chart together with him to make sure that it is a chart that he likes. If there is a particular character that he likes and you don’t find on the site let me know and I will add it if possible. Good Luck!

  7. We now offer an option to create personalized reward charts with your own text and photos. These reward charts can be made for any purpose.

  8. Debs O'Connor says:

    Good morning..What a fabulous website.. I would like a reward chart of peppa pig . I am having problems with both my daughters ages 6 and 8 coming straight inside when they come back from their dads. They keep running back and forth to their car and various other problems caused by the father.. So i thought to introduce a reward / star chart. What do you think? Any ideas how i can get this to work..Really need bit of help here…thankyou

  9. You can find some new Peppa Pig charts at https://www.rewardcharts4kids.com/reward-charts-by-character/peppa-pig-behaviour-charts/
    You can use these charts for any purpose – including the one that you mentioned – as long as you explain to your children how you would like them to behave and describe the behaviour that will award them with a star or sticker on the reward chart that you choose. Good Luck!

  10. Hiya!
    Is there any chance you could include Octonauts in your range of reward charts? My 3 year old would do anything for them!!

  11. Hi, great site, i am looking for a rewards chart which includes brushing teeth, going to the potty, eating all dinner, etc all topics.

  12. Did you take a look at the “Reward charts to help kids get ready in the morning” or the “Bedtime Routine Charts”?

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