Reward Charts for Toddlers

reward charts for toddlersReward charts can be used to transform your toddler’s behavior almost immediately!

What are Reward Charts?

Reward charts are charts which are used to recognize good behavior. Good behavior is marked on the reward chart with a sticker or mark. Once the toddler has received the required number of stickers he or she receives a reward.Why do Reward Charts work?

Toddlers love to be praised and reward charts remind you to praise them on a regular basis. Positive reinforcement is the best way to promote good behavior. Reward charts provide toddlers with positive reinforcement each time they behave in the desired way. Reward charts helps both toddlers and their parents overcome negative behavior and encourage positive behavior.

Reward Charts for toddlersHow are Reward Charts Used for Toddlers?

  1. Toddlers should choose a reward chart with 10 steps only.
  2. Download and print the chosen reward chart. You can either choose a colored Reward Chart or choose one of our black and white reward charts which your toddler  can color.
  3. Define “good behavior” and explain this to your toddler. Try and make it as simple as possible and try to address one issue only. Toddlers cannot focus on too many issues.
  4. Acknowledge the desirable behavior with a star or sticker and praise.
  5. When all the stickers are received acknowledge the achievement with a small gift.

If you feel that your toddler is not really understanding the process and method you might need to wait a few months and try again.

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