Reward Charts with 10 Steps

Printable Reward Charts

The following reward charts have only 10 steps. They are used to target specific behaviors or deal with one particular issue. They can also be used for young children who cannot understand the concept of time and are not able to continue the reward process for too long. Choose a design that your child likes from this page or any other reward chart from this site. This is only a small sample of the sticker charts available.

More Reward Charts with 10 Steps

More Reward Charts with more than 10 steps / weekly reward charts.


  1. This is an amazing website so many great things. Thanks

  2. Anuradtha Saminathan says:


  3. wont let me print of the one you design yourself 🙁

  4. Certain browsers have issues. Please try another browser.

  5. sorry what do you by other browser i have tried firefox and internet explore dont work on either, ?? xx

  6. Are you referring to the “reward chart maker”? Its strange since I just checked it and I had no problem printing. Try saving it and then printing from the image.

  7. yes the maker one. i tried saving it too , this is what iam getting ,

    Warning: imagecreatefromjpeg(/home/reward4/public_html/rewardchartmaker/print_data/2272b126f529495756591fa04201c663/main.jpg) [function.imagecreatefromjpeg]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/reward4/public_html/rewardchartmaker/print.php on line 102

    Warning: imagecopyresampled(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/reward4/public_html/rewardchartmaker/print.php on line 130

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/reward4/public_html/rewardchartmaker/print.php:102) in /home/reward4/public_html/rewardchartmaker/print.php on line 150

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  8. I’m sorry but I have no idea why this is happening. Has anyone else had this problem? In the next few weeks we will have new personalized charts which you should be able to use with no problems.

  9. haj yhya hadeel says:

    i like this reward charts because you can choose the best for your child and what he realy like

  10. Thank you so much for making all of these charts available! I have been using the 10-step charts for potty training and they are working great! My son loves all of the cute designs (so do I)! Many thanks!

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