Smurf Behavior Charts

Free Printable Behavior Charts

Behavior Charts are used to reward kids for good behavior. Before you start using behavior charts you need to make sure that your child knows exactly what you expect of her. She needs to know the behavior that you would like to see and the behavior that you do not want to see. Sometimes we assume that kids know exactly what we want but it isn’t always the case. Even if your child knows exactly what you expect of her preparing this behavior chart might help define and explain your expectations.

These behavior charts are perfect for Smurf fans!

On the left side of the behavior chart make a list of things that you want your child to work on. It should include the five most important things that you do not want your child to do. On the right side, make a list of the behavior that you want to see. For example, on the left side, under “things to work on”,  you might write: “talking back when asked to do something”. On the right hand side, under good behavior, you could write “No talking back”.

Free Behavior Chart
A Behavior Chart to Define Expected Behavior

Free Printable Behavior Chart
Define Expected Behaviour

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Once you have discussed your expectations with your child you can mark each column each time one your child does one of the things that you asked him to do or not to do.

If he did something that he should not have done then make a mark on the column titled “make better choices”. If he does something that you asked him to do then mark the column titled “good job”. Try not to have too many markings on the left side. If this happens then look for things to praise your child for. Even if he does something small that you might not have noticed remark what a good job he did. You want to motivate him and focus on his positive behavior. Sometimes, behavior is so bad that you think you will not be able to find anything positive but once you start praising a child you will often find him additional doing things that deserve praise. In time, this good behavior becomes habit and children realize that they get more attention for good behavior than they do for bad behavior.

Please note that some people believe that you should only record positive behavior and should not mark the negative behavior at all (i.e. only focus on the positive side). I believe that you should see what works for your child. Either way, as mentioned, try and use the right column more often than the left.

Behavior Chart

Behavior Charts
Discuss the things that you expect your child to do. For example, pick up his toys each day. Every time that your child picks up his toys mark a block on the relevant day.

Smurf Sticker Chart
Smurf Behavior ChartEach time your child behaves well stick a sticker on one of the blocks or mark it with a marker.

This is a 16 step behavior chart used to target specific behaviors. It should be very clear to the child what these behaviors are if you want the system to work.

Behavior Charts

This is a weekly behavior chart.

Smurf Chart


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