Smurf Chore Chart

Chore chartFree Printable Chore Charts

Who doesn’t love the Smurfs! Choose a Smurf chore chart template for your kids and print it for free. Each chore chart can be personalized with your child’s name and chore list. Either click on the picture of the chore chart to print it as is or click on “customize” to personalize the chart before your print it.

Chore Chart with Smurfs

This chore chart can be colored:

Black and white coloring chart

The following chore chart can either keep track of 18 chores or 18 days. Each day/time that a chore is completed mark the chore chart. You can write the chore list in the middle of the chart (between the two Smurfs) if needed.

Printable Chore Chart

This is a weekly chore chart. Add the chore list at the bottom of the chart. Each day mark each chore once complete. You can also add the chore list to the left of the chart to keep track of each chore.

Weekly sticker chart with a chore list

Chore Chart Tip:

The chore chart does not only help kids get their chores done but it helps parents too. Often we simply forget about the process. In the beginning, it is sometimes even just easier to do your kids chores than to nag them to do them. Consistency is really important when it comes to chores and our free printable chore charts will help you with that. They are a constant reminder to stick with the process. In the long run it will actually help us too.


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