Star Charts for Kids

Gold Star Chart

The following star chart has three different rewards – gold star status, silver start status and bronze start status. You determine the reward for achieving each status. It should be more difficult to reach gold star status but the privilege received as a result should be more rewarding.

Black and White Gold Star Chart

printable star chart

Printable Gold Star Chart

gold star chart

Printable Star Chars for Kids

These charts are in black and white with a bit of color. They are relatively inexpensive to print. If you prefer full color then please check out our selection of colored star charts.


Printable Stars for use on Star Charts


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  1. you should make a justin bieber star chart my daughter adores him and having a justin bieber chart will help PLEASE make this

  2. Not sure how to use this. Will there be more room for each day for good behavior. I need help knowing how to use this. There are certain behaviors we are working towards

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