The Trash Pack Reward Charts

Free printable reward charts with the Trash Pack. There are sticker charts to target specific behaviors, weekly sticker charts, a homework chart, and a reward chart to get your kids to tidy their room. You will find many tips on how to use reward charts on this site.

10 Step Reward Charts with the Trash Pack

reward charts
reward chart

Weekly Trash Pack Reward Charts

printable reward charts
Trash Pack Reward Charts
Reward chart for tidying room
“I tidied my room” reward chart. Can’t get your child to tidy his room. Maybe this Trash Pack sticker chart can help. Each time he tidies his room stick a sticker on the chart to award and motivate him. If he gets a Trashie for completing the chart you might not recognize his room!
Homework sticker chart
Are you tired of nagging your child to do his homework?
After he completes his homework stick a sticker on his homework chart.
You might find him rushing to do his homework.

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  1. Hi wanted to say I need these sheets because I need to talk to my class about these so we can be a better team

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