Cinderella Charts

Cinderella chartsFree Printable Behavior Charts

Katie asked us to prepare some Cinderella charts and we were happy to help. The following behavior charts are generic and can be used for multiple purposes: as chore charts, reward charts, potty training charts or sticker charts.

Some of them can be edited which will enable you to type a chore list or a list of goals for your child.

This is a 20 step sticker chart which can be used to target a specific behavior

Sticker chart

This chart is similar to the one above but it is black and white with a coloring picture in the middle. Encourage your child to color the picture and decorate the chart.

Reward chart for girls with a picture of Cinderella that can be colored

This is a generic weekly behavior chart which starts on a Monday. It can be used as a behavior chart, reward chart, chore chart or even a potty training chart. Add the list of goals or desired behavior to the first column.

Cinderella Reward Chart

This is an incentive chart. The prize is written at the bottom of the chart next to the number of stars/stickers that the child must receive in order to be eligible to get the prize. You can also download the editable version and type the goals.

Weekly behavior chart with a picture of Cinderella

This is similar to the chart above but it is black and white. It is cheaper to print and it can be colored by the child. Children often feel more connected to the process when they color their chart. If you would like to type the goals then download the editable version.

Cinderella potty chart

This is a weekly chart which can be used for different purposes. It can be colored. The week starts on a Sunday. There is a colored version below.

Cinderella incentive chart

cinderella behavior chart



  1. thanks for doing the cinderella charts but i am unable to get them to a format i can print like the other ones on the site. thanks

  2. Thanks for letting me know that there was a problem. I fixed it and you should be able to print now but please let me know if you have any other issues.

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