Printable Certificates

This site offers a wide selection of free printable certificates for kids, teachers, and parents. One of the reasons that people are often against rewarding good behavior is the need to purchase prizes. You not only waste money but can land up “buying” good behavior. When you stop paying or buying prizes, the good behavior might stop too. Rewards don’t have to cost money. In fact, they really shouldn’t cost much, or else the prize might defeat the purpose.  A printable certificate is a great way to reward a child without spending any money. You can give a certificate to your child or use them in schools or clubs.
Free Printable Certificates for Kids

Award your kids for behaving well, helping out, being brave at the dentist, or for any other reason. Use any of the specific printable certificates below or a certificate template that you can adapt to your needs.

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Free Printable Certificates for Kids

We offer a large selection of free printable certificates for kids:

Appreciation Certificate for Family Members

printables for mom


Greatest Dad certificate


Our award certificate templates provide a cheap and fun way to congratulate your children or students for a job well done. It also signals to them that they successfully made changes to their behavior and you expect them to continue with his improved behavior.

You can use most of the award certificates for any purpose.

If you want your children to keep up the good work and continue with their good behavior, then remember to compliment them for this good behavior in the future. When you only focus on their bad behavior, you will not get the results you are after. 

Remember that award certificates are not limited to success. You can give them to children for effort even if they have not yet made substantial changes. Let your children know that you appreciate their effort. This will motivate them until they eventually reach their goals.

If you are looking for a printable certificate that you don’t find here, then please comment below, and we will make it for you.