Preschool Graduation Certificate Templates

Free Printable Preschool Graduation Diplomas

We offer a large selection of free editable and printable preschool graduation certificate templates you can customize online before you print. The preschool diploma awards can be used for daycare, preschool, or pre-kindergarten. See Kindergarten graduation certificate templates for Kindergarteners. There are many different designs are all the text is editable!

These diplomas are a great addition to your end-of-the-year graduation ceremony or celebration. It is also a special keepsake for parents and a reminder of the special time their kids spent at your school.

Please note that you can add a photo to each diploma. Click on “Add Image” and then add the photograph. 

You can also add your school’s logo instead of or in addition to the school name if you have one.

Day Care Diploma

Wording: Day Care Diploma – This certifies that (name) completed daycare at (name of daycare) – signature – date

preschool certificate

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Pre Kindergarten Diploma

Wording: Pre Kindergarten Diploma – This certifies that (name) completed pre-kindergarten at (name of kindergarten) – signature – date

preschool graduation certificates

There are more pre-K diplomas below. The title of this pre-k diploma cannot be edited but the following printable certificates are all editable. See the different versions below.

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Preschool Diploma

Wording: Preschool Diploma – This certifies that (name) completed preschool at (name of kindergarten) – signature – date

preschool certificate

This printable preschool diploma is available in different colors.

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Kindergarten Diploma

See Kindergarten graduation certificate templates to celebrate the end of kindergarten for kindergarten students.


There are many more preschool graduation certificate templates that you can edit online. Since the text is editable you can customize them for any framework. For example, to create pre-k graduation certificates then simply edit the title.

Since all the text is editable you can even use these templates to create graduation party invitations for your end-of-the-school-year party.

The following editable diplomas all have images of caps, gowns, diplomas, and other images related to preschool. 

Graduation certificate template

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Preschool graduation certificate

Customize and Print

Preschool diploma

Customize and Print

Preschool certificate

Customize and Print

How to download a free printable preschool diploma?

  1. Click on the button above to customize the text. Add the child’s name, preschool year, teacher’s name, etc.
  2. When you are happy with the text, download the graduation diplomas.
  3. Select a PDF file or an image format.

How to change the text size?

To change the text size, either change the font or drag the text box to the right (to enlarge) or to the left (to make smaller).

How to change the text?

Either double click on the text and type new text or type in the text box. Please note that all text is editable besides the images of the wooden cube letters. For example, if you want to change the title to “Congratulations”, you would select a template without wooden cube letters and simply edit the title.

How to add a photo?

You can add each child’s photo or a photo of the school or party theme. Click on “add image”. Upload your image and then drag it to wherever you want it to appear.

Do you have to print the diploma?

If you don’t have an end of the year party or you don’t want to print the files, you can send them to the parents online. Download the PDF version or the image and send it by email or WhatsApp. 


  1. Just click on it and it will open. You can then save on your PC or just print directly.

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