New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

new year resolution for kids

Setting and achieving goals is an excellent way for kids to learn responsibility. As the New Year approaches, it is a perfect time to set goals with kids.

Sit with your children or students and discuss possible kid-friendly new year resolutions. Try to enable children to choose their own goals and do not decide for them. Help children choose goals that they can achieve so they will not become frustrated.

The older the child, the more new year resolutions they can choose and handle. 

There are many templates that you can use at school or at home.

My new year resolution in school

New Years Resolutions for the classroon (in black and white to save ink) New Years Reflections new year's resolutions for kids 


How do you make a New Year’s Resolution Chart?

  • Either make your own chart or download a free new year’s resolution chart from Reward Chart 4 Kids (see charts above). Some teachers prefer to get their students to write an essay.
  • Each day, week, or month mark the goals you have achieved.
  • Keep following up until they achieve all goals. If the goal that they set can be broken up into milestones, then set some. Follow up with the child at set periods to ensure that the milestones were met. The chances are that children will forget about their resolutions before the first milestone. Remind them and help them get back on track. This will teach them to follow through and achieve their goals. It is a lesson that many adults haven’t yet mastered. Starting young with small goals is a perfect opportunity to help children learn how to set goals and to achieve them.

You can decide on a reward once they reach their goals, but I think reaching their goals should be rewarding enough. 

You will need to adapt the New Year Resolutions to the child’s age.

How to write an essay on my new year resolution?

Writing an essay is often overwhelming as you have a blank piece of paper and don’t know where to start. If you use our free printable templates, you can use the questions on any of the templates to write your essay. Answer each question. Here are some questions you can answer in your essay: Why did you set that goal? Why is it important to you? Why is it meaningful? A goal should always be meaningful; otherwise, it is a waste of time. How will you feel when you achieve your goal? What steps are you going to take to achieve your goal? When do you hope to achieve it?

If you are not sure which goals to set, then look at the following examples for ideas. Don’t just copy since you should set goals you want to achieve, but they might help you think of related goals that mean something to you.

New Year’s Resolutions Examples

The following are sample new year’s resolutions for kids.

New Year’s Resolutions for Preschoolers

  • I will brush my teeth every morning and before going to bed.
  • I will wash my hands after going to the bathroom and before I eat anything.
  • I will clean up my toys and tidy my room.
  • I will make my bed.
  • I will listen to my mom and dad.
  • I will never hit.

New Year’s Resolutions for School-Age Kids

  • I will do my homework every day.
  • I will do my chores every day.
  • I will get into bed on time each day.
  • I’ll be kind to other kids.
  • I will sit in the back seat and wear my seat belt every time I get in a car.
  • I will try to find a sport that I like and exercise at least three times a week!
  • I will eat at least three fruits and vegetables every day.

New Year’s Resolutions for Teens

  • I will eat at least five fruits and vegetables every day.
  • I will do my chores every day.
  • I will try to find a sport that I like and exercise at least three times a week!
  • I will resist peer pressure to try cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol.
  • I will limit the time I spend in front of the television.
  • I will be respectful to my parents, teachers, and elders.
  • I will do something to help in my community or help someone in need.
  • When I feel angry or stressed out, I will find positive ways to deal with stress, such as exercising, writing in a journal, or discussing my problem with someone I trust.

Family New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Have a family meeting and set family resolutions for the next year. Here are some ideas:

  • To eat one meal a day together.
  • To do family chores.
  • No yelling at home.
  • Respect each other.
  • Help each other.
  • Have more patience.
  • No cursing.
  • Each family member will make a meal x times a week/month. 
  • No screens at dinner.
  • No soda.
  • Spend more time together as a family.
  • Get more sleep.

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