Custom Playing Cards

Create a printable deck of cards with or without your photo on each card.

custom playing cards

Free Personalized Printable Playing Cards

Each of the custom printable playing cards in this deck of cards can be personalized with your own photo. You can either personalize each card or just a selection of cards. They only take a few minutes to customize.  Once you have uploaded a photo to each card you can print on card stock and then laminate. You don’t have to laminate the playing cards but they will last longer and look better if you do.

How to Make the Customized Playing Cards

  1. Select a card game template from the selection above.
  2. Click on “customize” to open our playing card maker free of charge.
  3. Click on the specific card that you want to personalize. Find the photo that you want to use. The photo should be saved on your PC.
  4. You might need to move the photo around to ensure that the face is not cut off. You can also make the photo larger by dragging the bottom right corner to the right.
  5. Once you have uploaded a photo to each playing card, you can download it and then print on cardstock.
  6. Laminate the page.
  7. Cut out each card.
  8. If there are any playing cards that you didn’t customize then print the cards without the photos to complete the set.
  9. Your set of custom playing cards is ready!

How to Print on both Sides of the Cards

Theoretically, you can print on one side and then print on the other side of the cards but it never really prints on the exact same spot. The best way to print on both sides is to print each side separately and cut it out.

Place each side back to back and adhere with paper glue.

Ideally, you will want to insert both sides into a laminating pouch and laminate the double-sided card to ensure that the cards do not come apart. Once laminated, cut around the card.

What can I do with these custom playing cards?

  • These custom printed playing cards make great gifts. You can create a gift for dad for Father’s Day or any other occasion with photos of his family. They also make great gifts for mom for Mother’s Day or even for a DIY birthday gift.
  • Why not prepare a pack of cards for a gift for grandparents with photos of their grandchildren?
  • The custom cards can be used in a classroom or kindergarten with photos of the kids. The children can use them to play fun card games with their photos on the cards.
  • The playing cards can be prepared for use at home with photos of the family to spend quality family time playing games.
  • Personalized playing cards also make great wedding favors. You can use photos of the bride and groom or family photos and have the cards professionally printed and cut unless you have the time and patience to do it yourself. If you are preparing the cards to give as a wedding favor then we suggest that you take the time to laminate them for a more professional look. Nobody will know that this was a DIY wedding favor.

What size are these printable playing cards?

The printable playing card template will create standard sized cards when printed on standard printing paper. If you want to make over-sized cards you can change your printer’s settings.  You can create giant playing cards by printing two cards per page. You should use a good quality photo with a high resolution so that the pictures are crisp and clear.

How do I make a printable deck of cards with no photos?

If you don’t want custom playing cards and are just looking for free printable playing cards then you can still print out playing cards with no photos. Click on the link with the black text (“Print without customizing”).

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