5 a Day Sticker Charts

5 a dayFive a Day for Kids

Giving your kids fruit and vegetables every day ensures a healthy diet and helps them acquire healthy eating habits which have lasting benefits.
Five a day for kids is important to ensure that they eat a variety of fruit and vegetables. Try to get them to eat at least five portions every day. If possible, get them to eat one of each of the five different colors of fruit and vegetables.
Kids, older than six, should eat more than five portions a day and should try to eat at least seven portions a day. Teenagers should eat at least nine portions a day.
These printable charts will help you keep track of the number of portions your kids eat each day. Some of the charts also help you keep track of the colors of fruit and vegetables your kids eat to ensure that they eat five colors a day.

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To download the 5 a day Reward Charts:

US Version (UK version below)

Five a Day for Kids eat more fruit and veggies healthy eating chart food journal food journal for fruit and veggies

UK Version

5 a day chart for kids 5 a day fruits and vegetables eat more fruit and veggies eat five a day

Tips: If you find it difficult to reach five a day try making smoothies. You can put fruit and vegetables in the blender and make a smoothie that your kids actually want to drink.

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