Feeling Chart for Kindergarteners

Feeling Chart for Kindergarteners

  Free Printable Feelings Charts for Kindergarteners

The following emotion charts for kids can help children recognize and identify their emotions. This skill will not only help them in kindergarten but throughout their adult life as well.

Emotion Chart with Your Photos

emotion chart with photos

Daily Feelings Chart

Use this printable feeling chart to help your kindergarteners describe how they are feeling. When they learn to label and describe their emotions they will be more aware of what they are feeling and this will also help them communicate.

How do you feel today chart

emotions chart - with cartoon characters showing 12 different emotions


feeling faces chart

These emotion charts will help kids release their feelings instead of keeping them bottled up.

Emotion Chart for Kids

This feelings chart is editable. You can edit the text, select any clipart and change the emoji faces.

You can also add images instead of the text. For example, if you want to discuss how the kindergartener felt during lunch, you can add a photo from lunchtime. To add a photo, click on add photo and upload any photo. Drag it to any position and make it smaller or larger.

Feelings Thermometer

Feelings thermometer

Image | Typeable PDF

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