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Everyone from school children going on field trips and taking school photos to people who want to taste spicy hot sauces has to sign permission slips occasionally. All this means is that you, or your parents and legal guardians, are permitting something that requires adult consent. You will likely sign a few dozen of these in your lifetime, and some people will sign hundreds.

Permission Slip Templates

Why Use Permission Slips

Permission slips exist to show clearly that a legally responsible adult consented to participate or have their children participate in an activity or process. In many cases, these are required, such as when a child travels with just one parent (if there are two) or another adult, especially out of the country. A permission slip explains who is responsible for the child and who has permission to be responsible for a specific duration, like a trip or medical procedure.

When Do You Need a Permission Slip

You need a permission slip for most types of travel, and any time someone does something with inherent risk or without their usual responsible adults present. Using a permission slip shows that the person who signed it understands what is happening and allows it. Most importantly, it releases other people to take action on their behalf. Below is a quick list of times to use a permission slip.

  • When traveling with minors
  • When photographing, taking audio or videos of people in any private setting
  • When a release is required- For example, a medical release is a special type of permission slip.
  • When another person is going to take action on your behalf
  • Before taking a risk or allowing a minor child or adult ward to take a risk like jumping at a trampoline park or driving a race car

What Information To Include On Permission Slips

Most permission slips are for minors, so the information below pertains to that style of permission slip. However, with some minor adjustments, you can also use the same basic outline to create adult permission slips.

  • Title- Place the title “Permission Slip” at the top in large bold print, so anyone looking at it knows instantly what they are reading
  • Location or Activity- Specify why a permission slip is necessary and what it is meant for.
  • Date and Timeframe
  • Information about fees and meals or snacks
  • Any Special Instructions- This section can include rules, information about how to dress, like bringing a swimsuit, sunscreen, and towel to a water park or pool, and any additional info necessary.
  • (Optional) Request for Adult Volunteers or Chaperones
  • Space for the Child’s Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Space for any Medical Concerns- Medications, asthma, or other conditions can be listed here.
  • Consent Statement- This should specify that the adult(s) consent to allow the minor to attend or participate.
  • Signature and Date Lines- This is where the parent or guardian signs.

Tips for Better Permission Slips

When writing a permission slip, you don’t generally need to consult an attorney for the correct language, but you are always welcome to do so. Make sure you only accept forms signed in blue or black ink to ensure it is official. Additionally, you may want to include a space for signup if you need chaperones. You can also include a statement that says the adult has read and understands everything and agrees.


Once you’ve written your permission slip, read it over, or have someone read it back to you. Always take the time to edit and remove any unnecessary information. Ensure that there are no spelling or grammar errors so your form can be easily understood and looks professional. Finally, we recommend downloading one of our premade permission slip templates instead of creating one from scratch. Doing this can help you create a permission form quickly and efficiently.

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