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classroom rewards and classroom management techniques Free Classroom Management Printables

Free classroom management printables and classroom rewards that can be used by teachers to reward and motivate students for a job well done!

Studies have shown that positive incentives can be extremely effective in bringing about changes in classroom behavior. Negative comments and punishment can turn students off to any lessons teachers are trying to convey. Classroom rewards and other positive incentives are far more motivating classroom management techniques.


printable certificates for good behaviorFree Printable Certificates for Good Behavior

These award certificates can be used by teachers to award students for good behavior. You can edit the certificates before you print them.


note for parents from teacherLetter from teacher to parents

Why wait until you have bad news to contact a student’s parents? Let them know about the good news too! This will both keep them informed and motivate students to behave well. When a student behaves really well and shows significant improvement or leadership, then fill out a “good news” form and let the student’s parents know.


reward braceletsBehavior Bracelets

These are a great way to let students know they deserve a prize without actually spending any money. Buying prizes for students can cost a fortune over time. Behavior bracelets are perfect solutions for teachers looking for free prizes to reward and motivate students.


student rewards for teachers to give to studentsGood job coupons

These coupons can be awarded to students for a job well done!


birthday card for teachers to give to studentsHappy birthday coupons

These coupons can be awarded to students celebrating their birthdays. It’s not just a birthday card but it comes with a gift that is bound to be very much appreciated by the recipient: a free homework pass! I don’t know many students that won’t love and appreciate that gift!


free printable classroom couponsClassroom coupons

These classroom coupons can be awarded to students to reward good deeds, achievement, participation, or effort. You can either decide on the reward that the students will receive or allow them to choose from a list of possible rewards such as: Sitting at the teacher’s desk, sitting with a friend, skipping homework one day, handing homework in late, reading a book to the class, using a pen, bringing a toy to school, bringing a show and tell item, one free word on a spelling test, etc.


Star of the Week Posters

star of the week posterThree different posters you can customize online.




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