Potty Chart DIY

You can use our potty training chart maker to create your own personalized DIY potty reward chart. It only takes a few minutes to create and you can make the chart together with your child. You select the background, clipart and you can edit the text. There are many themes available and the possibilities are endless.

Select Background

There are many backgrounds available.

Add Clip Art Images

There are many different options.

Edit Title & Text

Change the text, font, color and size.

Print & Download

Either download and/or print.

Open Potty Chart Maker

Potty Training Chart DIY

Here are some sample potty charts that were created with this app but the possibilities are endless.

Free printable potty charts
Potty chart ideas

Open Potty Chart Maker

Printable potty chart
potty training sticker chart

Open Potty Chart Maker

Unicorn Chart
Unicorn Chart
Potty chart DIY
Potty sticker chart

Open Potty Chart Maker

potty chart
potty training chart

Open Potty Chart Maker

How to Make a Potty Chart

Use our free potty chart maker to make your custom potty chart in under 3 minutes. Customize the text to use the terminology that your child is accustomed to.


  • Paper
  • Stickers or marker (to mark each successful milestone)


  • Printer


  1. Open the potty chart maker by clicking on any button on this page.
  2. Click on “Select Backgrounds”.
  3. Select a background.
  4. If you want to change the sticker shape then go back and click on “lines of stickers” and select stickers.
  5. Select “clipart” and select as many clip art characters as you want to include.
  6. Click on “edit” and edit all text including the title.
  7. Click on download and select the format. If you want your printable in PDF format then select the PDF option. Otherwise, select the image format.
  8. Print.
  9. Save your chart so that you can access it again in the future.

Why use a printable potty chart?

Sure, you could use a homemade potty training chart that takes one minute to make and you don’t need to print, but it might not be as effective. When your child loves her chart, she is more motivated to earn stickers to stick on it. 

Sit together when you make the chart. Ask your child to select the background and the clip art characters. Let her drag them around the potty chart template to make it feel like she created it. If you are making a chart for a girl, there are superhero girls, princesses, and more. For a boy, there are superheroes, soccer, and more. Other themes are suitable for boys and girls, such as astronauts and animals. The samples on this page are only examples, and there are endless options available.


  1. Hi! What a great diy chart!!! I’ll use it for sure! But, is there any reason why there’s no chance to select a different background? It only appears the one with the supergirls! Thanks a million!

  2. Totally brilliant! I’ve pulled pics off the net of my daughter’s fave charcters and put a photo of herself on it too. Now it’s all printed and ready to go. Even emailed to her dad and showed to her grandparents!

    Only thing that I’d add would be the option to change the number of rows of stars and stars in the row – ideally I’d have liked 6 rows and to leave a bit of space after the stars to put the reward – as an image or text.

    Totally brilliant though! Will recommend! Thank you!

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