Star of the Week

These star of the week awards can be presented to the star of the week or the student of the week. They can be used at school or by sport coaches. Some of the versions have a photo and others don’t.

They can all be created within minutes. We also offer free “star of the week posters“.

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student of the week award 

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student of the week ideas 

Student of the Month certificate

Star of the Week Ideas

Many teachers choose a “star of the week” each week. This student will be the center of attention that week and it usually makes them feel really special and often helps the students get to know each other. Some teachers prefer to focus on the “student of the month”. Others do both. We have provided free tools and printables to make your life easier. There are various “star of the week posters” and awards to present to the star of the week. We have many versions and styles – some include the student’s photo and others don’t. It takes less than a minute to add your student’s photo but if you don’t have a digital photo or a color printer then you might prefer to use the version without the photo.

How often do you choose a star of the week?

This really depends on how many students you have in your class. There are approximately 36 weeks per school year. Assuming you have more than 18 students per class then each student gets to be the star of the week once. If you have less than 18 students in a class then each student can be star of the week twice. Some teachers choose two stars per week but then there is less focus on each student. Try to choose a star of the week only on full weeks so that no student feels that they didn’t get their full share of attention. It might not seem like a big deal to us but often it does to the student.

How do you choose the star of the week?

You can either choose a student who has made the most effort or a student who has done something special for a classmate. This system rewards specific students but often causes other students to feel like they deserved to get the award and it might even make them less motivated. To prevent these bad feelings you might want to choose the students in alphabetic order or according to their birthdays.

Some teachers even include themselves and other teachers that teach the students. It helps the students get to know you. It is also a good solution for the weeks with school holidays when you don’t choose students anyway since it isn’t a full week. If you want to choose randomly you might want to start with the more confident students who won’t have an issue talking in front of the class. That way you can enable the shy kids to get to know the other children first before they are chosen. The less confident kids are often nervous about being first since they are not sure what the expectations are and prefer to see what other students bring to class and choose to talk about.

What privileges does the student receive?

The star of the week is often allowed to bring certain items to school, choose where he or she wants to sit, becomes the line leader and receives an award (see free printable awards on this page).Often the child is allowed to bring her favorite book and read it to the class or have the teacher read it to the class. Many teachers get the star of the week to help them with certain tasks. They are the teacher’s assistant all week. Most students enjoy the responsibility. You might choose additional privileges that you think your students will appreciate. For example, you can let them write in pen instead of pencil that week.

You can ask the star to tell the class about his hobbies or present the poster and describe the pictures. You can enable a few kids to ask questions or even let the star choose three or four friends who can ask questions.

What do you put on your bulletin board?

You can print one of our printables awards or posters. You can also ask the student or student’s parents (for younger kids) to make a poster. During the week ask each student to sign the poster and let the star take the poster home at the end of the week.

The star of the week posters on our site includes fun questions that will enable the other students to get to know him or her. It will also be a special keepsake which most parents will want to cherish. You can have the child fill out the questions and upload a photo at home. Just send them a link to the poster. You can also ask the child the questions and fill out the answers accordingly.

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