Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

This Easter scavenger hunt for kids is a fun activity for kids on Easter morning or during the Easter season. We offer free printable Easter scavenger hunt clues that are suitable for every home to make a treasure hunt in no time at all. Either create an egg hunt and hide decorated eggs or Easter eggs in each spot or hide clues in each spot and an Easter basket full of eggs at the last station.

Easter scavenger hunt

Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Here are some fun ideas for your Easter treasure hunt:

  • Choose the indoor or outdoor version or combine them.
  • Hide Easter eggs at some of the stations and carrots at the others. Use a plastic Easter egg or chocolate eggs.
  • Put the treasure in a basket if you have one.
  • For older kids, you can translate the clues into another language if they are studying another language.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

We offer two sets of clues for Easter egg scavenger hunt activities. One set is for use outdoors and one set is for use indoors. You can have a fun treasure hunt indoors or outdoors or you can combine the clues and riddles and make the kids go indoors and outdoors. If you want the activity to last longer then make the next clue as far as possible from the previous clue.

Indoor  Scavenger Hunt Easter Clues

Hosting an indoor Easter egg hunt can be just as enjoyable as an outdoor one, especially if the weather doesn’t cooperate or you have limited outdoor space.

Indoor answers: bathroom mirror, kitchen or dining room table, front door, doormat, refrigerator, dining room, television, wherever you store glue.

See more clues below.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Easter Clues

Printable Easter egg hunt scavenger clues for outdoor use.

Outdoor answers: postbox, a tree, light, doormat, barbecue, car, hose, anything blue (if you don’t have something blue outside then put a blue shirt on a chair or table.

See more clues below.

Blank Clue Cards

The PDF document is typeable (i.e. you can type the clues on the PDF clue cards).

If you want to create your own Easter egg scavenger hunt clues then use the blank versions below.

You can use the blank clue cards for other clues such as the ones below.

How to Make a Scavenger Hunt for Easter 

  1. Decide if you are going to have the treasure hunt indoors or outdoors or both indoors and outdoors.
  2. Download the ready-made easter egg hunt clues printable. Each card is available as an image or a PDF file. If you don’t like the ready made version then use the blank cards and the clues below. 
  3. Print the clues for indoor and/or outdoors on paper or card stock. There is a color version and a black and white version for each. The black and white version is useful if you don’t have a color printer or want to save ink.
  4. Cut out each clue.
  5. Hide the clues in the relevant places. We have made an effort to use scavenger hunt clues that will be applicable to everyone. In the unlikely event you cannot use any of the different clues then either skip that clue or create a new clue using the blank clue cards. You can also use the blank cards when you want to create an egg hunt in a different place such as an Easter scavenger hunt for Kindergarteners. Some of the ready-made clues won’t be appropriate but you can type more appropriate clues on the blank typeable clue cards to complete your egg hunt.
  6. You can mix the order of the cards besides the first card and last card. The first card starts your little scavenger hunt and the last card with the last clue is the end of the hunt.
  7. At the end of the treasure hunt, you might want to hide small prizes for all participants (such as chocolate eggs) and a bigger prize for the person who found the treasure or small prizes for everyone. For younger kids, it is best to give everyone the same prize even if they didn’t find the treasure.
  8. When you are ready to start the activity, give the participants the first clue.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Easter scavenger hunts can be a fun and exciting activity for kids and even adults. Here are some creative Easter scavenger hunt ideas to make the event enjoyable:

  • Egg Hunt Clues: Create a series of rhyming clues that lead participants from one location to another, with each clue hidden inside a plastic egg. The final clue should lead to a special Easter basket or prize.
  • Color-Coded Hunt: Assign each participant a specific color, and they must find eggs or items in that color throughout the hunt. This can add an extra level of challenge and excitement.
  • Puzzle Pieces Hunt: Divide a picture into several puzzle pieces and hide them in eggs or around the area. Participants must find all the pieces and assemble the puzzle to reveal the final location or clue.
  • Alphabet Hunt: Hide eggs with letters written on them. Participants must collect the eggs and unscramble the letters to spell out the final location.
  • Bunny Tracks Trail: Use bunny footprints (cutouts or drawn with chalk) to create a trail leading to various hidden treasures or clues.
  • Picture Clues: Instead of written clues, use pictures or illustrations to guide participants to the next location.
  • Blindfolded Hunt: For an added challenge, blindfold participants and guide them verbally to find hidden eggs or clues.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt: Incorporate the Easter theme into a nature scavenger hunt, where participants must find specific items related to Easter (e.g., flowers, bunny-shaped leaves, etc.).
  • Easter Egg Riddles: Write riddles related to Easter on pieces of paper and place them inside eggs. Participants must solve the riddles to find the next hiding spot.
  • Reverse Hunt: Instead of finding eggs, give each participant a list of Easter-themed items they must collect and bring back to a central location.
  • Memory Hunt: Display several Easter-related items for a short period, then cover them up. Participants must remember and write down as many items as they can recall.
  • Time-Based Hunt: Set a timer, and participants must find as many eggs or clues as they can within a specific time frame.

Remember to consider the age and skill level of the participants when planning the Easter scavenger hunt to ensure everyone can fully enjoy the activity. Happy Easter hunting!

Clues for Easter Egg Hunt

More Clues for an Easter Egg Hunt Outside

Here are some more clues you can use for an outdoor Easter egg hunt:

  1. Sunny Start: “To kick off your quest for Easter delight, go where the sun shines oh so bright.”
  2. Garden Galore: “Amongst the flowers and buzzing bees, your next clue is where the garden trees.”
  3. Under the Rainbow: “Not in a pot of gold, but where colors meet, your next egg is hidden, it’s quite a treat.”
  4. Birdie’s Hideout: “Look high and low, near feathered friends, your next clue’s where the birdy journey ends.”
  5. Path of Pebbles: “Follow the trail of pebbles small, where this clue will lead you to find them all.”
  6. Beneath the Swing: “Take a ride on the swing so high, and below you’ll find the next egg nearby.”
  7. Water’s Edge: “Where the waves gently kiss the shore, your next clue waits, but not on the floor.”
  8. Pirate’s Cove: “A treasure chest’s where it’s at, matey! Seek this clue near where the pirates play.”
  9. Picnic Paradise: “Lunchtime’s fun, but don’t be slow, find your next egg where the picnics go.”
  10. In Plain Sight: “Look around and you will see, your next egg’s where you climb a tree.”
  11. Magical Creatures: “Not mythical, but playful still, your next clue’s near creatures that love to chill.”
  12. Flower Power: “Amongst the petals, colors so bold, the next clue hides where flowers unfold.”
  13. Bridge of Wonder: “Cross the bridge, don’t hesitate, your next egg’s waiting by the gate.”
  14. Treehouse Treasures: “Climb up high to the treetop nest, and you’ll discover your next quest.”
  15. Beneath the Benches: “Where people rest their weary feet, your next clue’s where benches meet.”
  16. Nature’s Harmony: “Listen closely to the bird’s sweet song, your next clue’s close, it won’t take long.”
  17. Butterfly Garden: “Where the butterflies dance in the air, your next egg is hidden with care.”
  18. Rocky Road: “Step on stones across the stream, and you’ll find your next Easter dream.”
  19. Treasure Map: “A clue within a clue, how clever! Follow this map to find eggs wherever.”
  20. Final Frontier: “Congratulations, you’re almost done! Your final clue lies where you catch the sun.”

Remember to adjust the clues to fit your specific outdoor space and the age group of the participants. Make sure to have plenty of eggs and prizes ready to make the hunt even more exciting!

More Clues for an Easter Egg Hunt Inside

Here are some clues for an indoor Easter egg hunt:

  1. Welcome Mat Surprise: “Start your search right at the door, where you wipe your feet before the floor.”
  2. Fuzzy Friend’s Hideout: “Where your stuffed buddy loves to dwell, the next clue is there, can’t you tell?”
  3. Kitchen Quest: “In the heart of the home where meals are made, your next egg is neatly laid.”
  4. Under the Couch: “Not too far from your cozy seat, your next clue’s hiding where you rest your feet.”
  5. Bookworm’s Bounty: “Amongst the pages, your next clue lies, where you read tales under starry skies.”
  6. Mirror, Mirror: “Look yourself in the face so sweet, and on this mirror, your next egg you’ll meet.”
  7. Bathroom Bound: “Where you wash and brush each day, your next egg’s hidden not far away.”
  8. Music Magic: “Where melodies flow and rhythms play, your next clue’s near where musicians sway.”
  9. Candlelight Corner: “Where candles flicker with a gentle grace, your next egg’s in this cozy space.”
  10. Window Wonder: “With a view to the world outside, your next clue’s near where daylight abides.”
  11. Laundry Link: “Where clothes get clean and fresh and new, your next egg waits for a peek from you.”
  12. Toy Treasure: “Among your playthings, you’ll find the way, your next clue’s where you like to play.”
  13. TV Time: “Where you gather for shows and fun, your next egg’s waiting when you’re done.”
  14. Crafty Corner: “Where colors and crafts take center stage, your next egg hides in this creative cage.”
  15. Bedtime Bonus: “Before you rest your weary head, your next clue’s near where you make your bed.”
  16. Gamer’s Paradise: “Among the screens and joysticks, oh so neat, your next egg’s in your gaming seat.”
  17. Treasure Hunt’s End: “Congratulations, you’re almost done! The final clue’s where you find the sun.”
  18. Easter Basket Bonanza: “Look in your basket, it’s the perfect view, your Easter surprise is waiting for you!”

Remember to adjust the clues to fit your specific indoor space and the age group of the participants. Make sure the hiding spots are safe and age-appropriate, and have plenty of eggs and prizes ready for a delightful Easter egg hunt!

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