100 Chart

Number chart 1-100 Free printable number chart 1-100. You can change the clip art, move it around, edit the title and add your own text. We also have a similar multiplication chart 1-100. How to edit the number chart 1 100? Select the 100 chart that you want to print. Click on the button under […]

Custom Playing Cards

Free Personalized Playing Cards Each of the custom playing cards in this deck of cards can be personalized with your own photo. You can either personalize each card or just a selection of cards. They only take a few seconds to customize.  Once you have uploaded a photo to each card you can print on cardstock […]

School Labels

Free customizable and printable kids school labels for teachers, parents, and students. Use them on notebooks, drawers, boxes, stationery, to label school supplies, etc. You can customize all of the text. 24 designs available. Click on the labels to type in your text (name, subject, class or any text that you want to appear on […]

Reading Logs

The following reading logs will encourage kids to read more books.  Please scroll down the page until you find the perfect chart for your needs. It is a shame but today with all the TV, computer games and technology kids don’t read nearly as much as they once did. Since both my husband and I loved reading, […]

Printable Play Money Template

Free Custom Play Money Template Please note that this is play money and cannot be used to purchase anything. This play money can be personalized with your child’s photo. Open the play money template and click on the image to upload your child’s photo. Drag your photo until it fills the frame. Edit the denomination […]

Family Rules Sign

This free printable family rules sign comes in 18 different designs! We have written 10 family rules on each poster but you can edit each of the rules. Turn them into personalized family signs by adding your family name to the title. You can either change the text to include your house rules or use […]

Good Job Stickers & Printables

Looking for a fun way to let your students know that they have done a good job? The following Good Job sticker printables can be used by teachers and parents to reward and encourage students and children. You might also want to check out 100 ways to say good job! Some of these free printables are […]

“Great Job” Printables

Free printables, awards and certificates that let students know that they have done a “great job!”. These printable can be used by teachers at school or by parents at home to reward and encourage kids. Printable Stickers These printable stickers are perfect to let students know that they have done a great job! You can print […]

Piano Practice Chart

Music practice chart Most music teachers recommend that students practice on a regular basis and some even request that their students practice every day. As in most aspects of life, practice makes perfect. Often, this is easier said than done. How do you get your children to practice when they have so many things that they […]

Never assume that you understand what is bothering your child

How I learned the importance of communicating with my child even when I am sure that I know what he is thinking! I just learned a lesson the hard way. Have you ever just been so sure that you understand your child that you didn’t even bother to check if your assumption was correct. I […]