Reward Charts for Pet Care

Pets are totally reliant on us for all of their needs. A pet might be an excellent playmate but looking after a pet requires work and responsibility. Pets need food, water, care, attention and love. Some pets also need daily exercise which means that you have to take them outside even if it is raining or snowing. Younger kids will not be able to take responsibility for looking after the pet by themselves but they can help an adult or older child with all chores that need to be done in order to care for the pet.

How do you use reward charts for pet care?

  1.  Choose a reward chart from the selection above.
  2. Fill in the list of chores that need to be done in order to care for your pet. Different pets require different care so you can fill in the chores that you are required to perform in order to care for your pet.
  3. Each day mark the chore once it is completed.
  4. Explain to children the importance of each chore and what will happen if it is not performed. What happens if a cat does not receive food? What happens if you do not take your dog for a walk? What happens if you do not wash your fish bowl? Children must understand how much responsibility pet care requires.
  5. Each day make sure that your child has marked and completed the daily chores.

 Do you need to give your child a reward for looking after a pet?

If children requests a pet they should understand that they will be required to care for it or at least take a part in the process. They will need to take responsibility and make sure that the pet is fed, cleaned and exercised. The reward will be the right to keep and look after the pet. Many pets become the child’s friend and provide companionship and love. These benefits should be rewarding enough. If your child did not ask for the pet, does not really want the pet but has been asked to help care for it you might want to consider rewarding the child for helping out and taking care of the pet.


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