Reward Bracelets

printable paper bracelets

Free Printable Paper Bracelets

These free printable paper bracelets are a great way to let your students or children know what a great job they did. 

You can also use the editable template and edit the text to create any printable bracelets that you want.

Teachers can print a bunch of these paper bracelets and cut them out before class so that they are ready to be used when needed. If you want to save on ink then change the background color to white. If you have no problem printing in color then feel free to change the color of each bracelet. Each one can be in a different color.

Paper Bracelet Template

This printable bracelet template is totally customizable. Click on the button to customize your bracelets.

Customize and Print

  • Edit the text;
  • Change the color of the bracelet;
  • Add your own image or your logo.

Ready-Made Printable Bracelets

Choose a printable paper bracelet template with the most suitable message (there are eight different versions below).


I am a star student!

Star Student
Great attitude
printables for teachers


Outstanding job!

Teacher resources
Free Teacher resources
Outstanding job!


I shared

PrintableTeacher resources
award for sharing
positive parenting


Way to Go!

Way to Go!
Behavior management
Behavior management tool


I participated

Tools for positive parenting
reward for participating
participation reward


I listened

award for listening
reward child for listening
Printable parenting tool

Reminder, these are all ready-made and the text cannot be edited. If you want to change the text then please use the editable version above.

I helped others

I helped others
Award child for helping
Positive parenting tools


I am a star student

rewards for kids
Reward students
great attitude

Each version can be printed in color, partial color and/or black and white.

How do you use these reward bracelets to improve behavior?

Positive incentives are very effective in bringing about changes in behavior. Rewards for kids don’t have to cost money. These printable wristbands can be downloaded free of charge and given to students or children to emphasize the positive and award them for good behavior.

Being consistent in reinforcing good behavior is critical to the success of any plan to bring about positive changes in behavior. Printing a page with seven wristbands reminds you to reward your child or student seven times. Positive reinforcement works and changes behavior, but you cannot use this system once and expect long term results.


  1. Fabulous idea! 🙂 And free, I am ever so gratefull for that as there is not to many help for teachers for free. You are amazing website and thank you for all your hard work!
    I am in love with this page and helped me so much with charts and positive reinforcement.


  2. Thanks Millie! It is so nice to know that the hard work that goes into this site is appreciated.

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