Incentive Charts

Free Incentive Charts for Kids

This site offers a wide selection of free incentive charts that you can print and use. Some have 10 steps, some have 15 or 20 and others are weekly or monthly.

Incentive charts


What is an incentive chart?

An incentive chart printable (otherwise know as a reward chart, behavior chart or sticker chart) is basically just a visual record showing your child’s progress. It helps kids visualize and remember their progress and reminds parents to record the milestones and to be consistent.

How and why do incentive charts work?

Incentive charts are based on the concept of behavior modification which is the process during which children learn to associate good behavior with a rewarding outcome. It happens when a child receives praise and/or a tangible reward after behaving in a desirable manner.

When can incentive charts be used?

Incentive charts – printable or online – are most appropriate for use with kids from age 3 until about 9. When children are about 3 they are usually capable of understanding the concept and actively participating in the process.

What kind of behaviors can these sticker charts improve?

Sticker charts can improve a wide variety of behaviors.

Before you present the behavior plan to your child decide on the specific behaviors that you would like to encourage your child to improve each time around. The number of behaviors that your child can tackle at once will vary according to the age of the child, his personality, his resistance to change and the complexity of the behaviors. Don’t overwhelm the child. Choose a realistic list of specific behaviors that your child will be capable of improving. We suggest focusing on only one to three issues at a time.

In the beginning, we recommend choosing behaviors that are easily achievable. Your child will succeed in receiving stickers relatively easily and more importantly enjoy the other benefits of the program. She will be more enthusiastic about the behavior program and her chances of success.

How do you introduce the concept to your child?

Sit with your child and discuss the behavior program and how it will work. It is very important to present it in a positive manner.

Which incentive chart should you choose?

The number of steps on the chart should be determined by the complexity of the behavior that you are trying to improve and the age and personality of the child. If it takes the child too long to reach her goal she might loose interest. Younger children will need to receive rewards sooner to keep them motivated. The 10 step reward charts would be more appropriate for them. Older kids can stay motivated for a week or two in an effort to receive a more substantial prize. They understand the concept of delaying gratification to get a more substantial reward even if this means that they have to make more progress in order to achieve that goal.

Select a behavior chart together with your child from the huge variety that we offer on this site. There is no need to register or pay anything to download them.

There are generic sticker charts that can be used for any purpose and there are incentive charts for specific issues.