Chore Wheel

This is a free printable and customizable chore wheel. Type in the name of each person and your chore list before your print and assemble. Instant download!

chore wheel

A chore wheel is a great way to divide up chores particularly when nobody wants to do some of the chores. It also adds a bit of fun to a potentially stressful process.

The chore wheel can be used by a family with kids or by roommates who need a system to divide up the household chores.

How to make a chore wheel

Decide how many people will appear on your chore wheel template. We offer a few different options but you can easily make changes.

4 family members / roommates5 family members / roommates6 family members / roommates

To add another person just click on the A icon (add text). Type in the name and move it to the correct place. To erase a person just click on the little x on the text box.

If each person is going to do an equal number of chores then you add one name per person. If you want the parents or one particular person to do more chores than others then just add that name more than once.

Type in the names of each family member and the family name in the middle of the wheel. Download and print on cardstock. Cut out the wheel.

Write each chore on the larger chore wheel. If you want to add more than one chore per quadrant then click on enter and type another chore below. Once you have completed all of the chores download the chart and print on cardstock. Cut out the wheel.

Use the back of a paper fastener / split pin to make a hole in the center of each circle.

Join the two circles with the paper fastener / split pin.




  1. Thanks for this template, it’s great; but when I attempt to print them, they are both the same size.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    I’d like for the center circle to be smaller to fit on top of the large “chore” wheel…

  2. Cindy, thanks for letting me know. It has been fixed.

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